Daughters of the Past

Five Women and their Courageous Journeys: A Historical Fiction Anthology

Taste the past with a collection of novellas from five decorated authors spanning ancient times to the last century. Experience love, tragedy, faith, and acceptance with these five women and their courageous journeys!

Rose by Nola Li Barr
Will Rose trust in love again after losing everything?

Lizzie by Louisa M. Bauman
A heartrending tragedy–will Lizzie risk her life for love, or will she discover that God offers the highest reward of all?

The Mitanni Princess by Lauren Lee Merewether
The Mitanni princess Tadukhipa weighs her options: happiness in exile and poverty, death in prison, or a luxurious life of loneliness.

Esther by Kimberly C. Miller
Will Esther find the strength to look beyond Kyle’s past, or will her hope be lost forever?

Molly by Gracie Stathers
Discover how Molly turns tragedy into the paramount decision of her life, leading her to become a pioneer to the antipodean colony of New Zealand.

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